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Fort Collins bookstore pays people to sit down and read quietly

The reader-in-residence doesn’t have to write an essay. They don’t have to host a book club or moderate a panel discussion. They don’t have to contribute to a blog or create sponsored content. They don’t have to do anything, except show up to the bookstore a couple of times per week and read.

This is my dream job. 🤓

Finished reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 📚

A quick read & nice reminder of a few universal truths:

  • We are formed by our first family
  • Love yourself so that you may love others
  • The words we use have power

Don’t take anything personally.

You are never responsible for the actions of others…

Finished reading: The Utopia of Rules by David Graeber 📚

This book brought some structure to many ideas & concerns I’ve had about business, ministry, and politics. I will be drawing on it for some time.

I rank this among the best books I read in 2023 despite the fact that pages 185-200 were missing from the volume I purchased.

Finished reading: Unreliable Narrator by Aparna Nancherla 📚

This is a terrific read. I picked the book up for a unique insight to the comedy industry. I put the book down with a sense of solidarity for a fellow human navigating anxiety, depression, and impostor syndrome.

I wish I could be Aparna’s friend.

Finished reading: Bottoms Up and the Devil Laughs by Kerry Howley 📚🎧

This was a great listen. Howley expertly wove together many threads:

  • The story of Reality Winner
  • Q-anon
  • Perceptions of the deep state
  • Realities of law enforcement & correction industries
  • Wacky ideas about monster energy drinks
  • Surveillance capitalism.

Verdict: worth reading.

Finished reading: Black Health by Keisha Ray 📚

I recommend this book to anyone interested in public health, racial justice, and/or the common good. I will likely assign some of this text in my next section of public health ethics.