Scarlett Johansson Says OpenAI Ripped Off Her Voice for ChatGPT

Johansson’s statement, relayed to WIRED by her publicist, claims that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman asked her last September to provide ChatGPT’s new voice but that she declined. She describes being astounded to see the company demo a new voice for ChatGPT last week that sounded like her anyway.

This alleged behavior by OpenAI erodes any trust I might have had in the company. Brazenly disregarding Johansson’s declination does not bode well for those of us who don’t have the resources to hire a legal team.

Perhaps this story will be an exhibit in the NYTimes’ lawsuit against OpenAI which alleges similar behavior: seemingly amicable negotiations that end with OpenAI doing whatever they want with content they don’t have permission to use.

Ethicists Can Proactively Prepare for AI Systems

A human will always be best suited to facilitate conversations that support ethical decision-making for the patients we serve.

Wherein I warn about technosolutionism, promote the language of “augmented intelligence,” and remind folks that great caution should be taken when utilizing generative AI in the context of clinical bioethics.

Good morning to the 2024 graduates of Saint Louis University College of Public Health and Social Justice!

A photo of the pre-commencement ceremony at SLU, featuring the banner for the CPHSJ.

Pope Francis Appoints Father James Mark Beckman Next Bishop of Knoxville

“I am blessed and honored to accept this appointment from the Holy Father,” Bishop-elect Beckman said. “I am a native Tennessean, and I am grateful that I can continue serving the Church and now the faithful of the Diocese of Knoxville in this region that I know well and love tremendously.”

This is the best church news I’ve heard in a long time!

Fr. Mark taught me in high school. He was an important influence on how I’ve grown as a human, a leader, and a Catholic Christian.

You don’t see many new bishop pictures featuring a fleece jacket. Consider it evidence of Beckman’s sheepy aroma. 😆

May God continue to bless Bishop-Elect Beckman & the people of Knoxville.

Just saw my first c*bertruck “in the wild.”


Finished reading: Managing Transitions (25th anniversary edition) by William Bridges 📚

Transition is like a low-pressure area on the organizational weather map. It attracts all the storms and conflicts in the area, past as well as present.

Confession: It was really hard to read this book without dwelling on the bad transitions I’ve experienced in the past. I hope I can contribute some positive value to the future transitions in which I will play a part.

Finished reading: Listening Together by Timothy Radcliffe 📚

Lots of good guidance & encouragement for embracing the synodal way.

Life is…

a sign that reads: NO PICNIC outside the Chiesa San Damiano in Assisi, Italy

🎶 We gonna rock down to salami avenue 🎶

via dei salumi

We Need to Make Cities Less Car-Dependent

💯! via Scientific American. This is a public health win and will improve our quality of life.