Finished reading: The Highest Poverty by Giorgio Agamben 📚

Thinking about the project begun by Francis of Assisi: That minor friar has left quite a mark on this world.

Finished reading: Bizarre Bioethics by Henk A.M.J. ten Have 📚

This book contains a welcome call to bioethicists: pivot focus from the individual to society as a whole. The common good must be reclaimed.

Fort Collins bookstore pays people to sit down and read quietly

The reader-in-residence doesn’t have to write an essay. They don’t have to host a book club or moderate a panel discussion. They don’t have to contribute to a blog or create sponsored content. They don’t have to do anything, except show up to the bookstore a couple of times per week and read.

This is my dream job. 🤓

Finished reading: Syllabus by William Germano 📚

As I continue working my “side hustle” as an adjunct in a few schools, I found this book to be reinvigorating and inspiring.

Finished reading: Dynamic Lecturing by Christine Harrington 📚

Finished reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 📚

A quick read & nice reminder of a few universal truths:

  • We are formed by our first family
  • Love yourself so that you may love others
  • The words we use have power

Don’t take anything personally.

You are never responsible for the actions of others…

A Teenager's Parent

Wherein I consider all that Jay-Z and I have in common.

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My Heart Is Full

I attended a webinar today that featured presenters from my previous job/organization. It’s hard to believe that it has been about six years since I moved into my current role. After all this time has passed, it was terrific to see & hear of the good work they are doing. I closed the webinar window as it was concluding and was full of gratitude for our professional paths crossing. I’m so glad that they are still making wonderful contributions to the ministry of health care.

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Hottest Job in Corporate America? The Executive in Charge of A.I.

I am a health care executive serving in a role that was borne out of a different trend - the diminishing number of women religious leading the hospitals founded by their religious orders.

Two quick thoughts from my experience:

There is a significant value in having a role empowered to provide oversight and support of efforts that pervade an organization. This applies to many senior roles, like finance or human resources. The fact that AI can impact so many disparate areas of operations (including finance, human resources, and beyond) is a good case for a key point-person to ensure AI is implemented in a way that reflects the organization’s mission and values.

The shadow side of these roles, however, is that org-wide responsibility can land on one person. Should everyone (or just key leadership) in the organization defer oversight and responsibility to this one person, it can set the organization up for failure.

Implementing AI is complex on both technical and organizational levels. It demands particular experience & the full support of organizational leadership to be implemented in a meaningful (and successful) way.

Swallows, Moles, and other Animal-Philosopher Typologies

I think I am best described as a fox-swallow.

Which, according to this typology of philosophers, means that I “love to soar and to entertain philosophical hypotheses” and “know (a little) about many things.”

image source

A four square matrix with a swallow and a mole on the horizontal axis, with a fox and a hedgehog on the vertical axis.