Reading List

Books I’m planning to read:

Cover for SynodalitySynodality
by Luciani, Rafael

Cover for The Ordinary Business of LifeThe Ordinary Business of Life
by Roger E. Backhouse

Cover for Recoding AmericaRecoding America
by Jennifer Pahlka

Cover for Palo AltoPalo Alto
by Malcolm Harris

Cover for What Do You Want Out of Life?What Do You Want Out of Life?
by Valerie Tiberius

Cover for The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever LivedThe Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived
by Ralph Watson McElvenny

Cover for X-Teams, Revised and UpdatedX-Teams, Revised and Updated
by Deborah Ancona

Cover for Doughnut EconomicsDoughnut Economics
by Kate Raworth

Cover for JesusJesus
by James Martin

Cover for SeptologySeptology
by Jon Fosse

Cover for Not with a Bug, But with a StickerNot with a Bug, But with a Sticker
by Ram Shankar Siva Kumar

Cover for Sacred FoundationsSacred Foundations
by Anna M. Grzymała-Busse

Cover for RulesRules
by Lorraine Daston

Cover for These Truths: A History of the United StatesThese Truths: A History of the United States
by Jill Lepore

Cover for The Capital OrderThe Capital Order
by Clara E. Mattei

Cover for The Philosopher of Palo AltoThe Philosopher of Palo Alto
by John Tinnell

Cover for How to Think Like a PhilosopherHow to Think Like a Philosopher
by Julian Baggini

Cover for The Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil WarThe Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War
by Jeff Sharlet

Cover for Backstage LeadershipBackstage Leadership
by Charles Galunic

Cover for The City and the HospitalThe City and the Hospital
by Daniel Skinner

Cover for Developing to ScaleDeveloping to Scale
by Heidi Morefield

Cover for JesuitsJesuits
by John Noël Dillon

Cover for Talking to My Daughter About the EconomyTalking to My Daughter About the Economy
by Yanis Varoufakis

Cover for Failures of ForgivenessFailures of Forgiveness
by Myisha Cherry

Cover for Your Face Belongs to UsYour Face Belongs to Us
by Kashmir Hill

Cover for Unmasking AIUnmasking AI
by Joy Buolamwini

Cover for Air & Light & Time & SpaceAir & Light & Time & Space
by Helen Sword

Cover for Contemporary Controversies in Catholic BioethicsContemporary Controversies in Catholic Bioethics
by Jason T. Eberl

Cover for Philosophy Inc.Philosophy Inc.
by Santiago Iñiguez

Cover for Deliberate InterventionDeliberate Intervention
by Alexandra Schmidt

Cover for Technology and the Character of Contemporary LifeTechnology and the Character of Contemporary Life
by Albert Borgmann

Cover for Holy Digital GrailHoly Digital Grail
by Michelle R. Warren

Cover for Death GlitchDeath Glitch
by Tamara Kneese

Cover for We Become What We NormalizeWe Become What We Normalize
by David Dark

Cover for KingKing
by Jonathan Eig

Cover for Digital TheologyDigital Theology
by Erkki Sutinen

Cover for Bizarre BioethicsBizarre Bioethics
by Henk A.M.J. ten Have

Cover for The Nature of TheologyThe Nature of Theology
by Haight SJ, Roger

Cover for Technology and the VirtuesTechnology and the Virtues
by Shannon Vallor

Cover for The Corporation and the Twentieth CenturyThe Corporation and the Twentieth Century
by Richard N. Langlois

Cover for Ethics for CapitalistsEthics for Capitalists
by Joseph Heath

Cover for Physician of SoulsPhysician of Souls
by Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner

Cover for Poor TechnologyPoor Technology
by Levi Checketts

Cover for The Quantified WorkerThe Quantified Worker
by Ifeoma Ajunwa

Cover for Extremely OnlineExtremely Online
by Taylor Lorenz

Cover for Remaking the American PatientRemaking the American Patient
by Nancy Tomes

Cover for Blood in the MachineBlood in the Machine
by Brian Merchant

Cover for Empire of the Sum: The Rise and Reign of the Pocket CalculatorEmpire of the Sum: The Rise and Reign of the Pocket Calculator
by Keith Houston

Cover for The Hidden Roots of White SupremacyThe Hidden Roots of White Supremacy
by Robert P. Jones

Cover for Economics in AmericaEconomics in America
by Angus Deaton

Cover for Transforming Ministry FormationTransforming Ministry Formation
by Hahnenberg, Edward P.