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Safe and Sane 4th of July

I cannot believe that the NYT published this opinion piece on the birthday of the United States.

Why I Don’t Vote

In this flippant article, Matthew Walther writes off the concept of civic duty as relativism and argues that not voting is okay because abstaining is just as expressive as casting a ballot.


All this just days after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a former president’s quest for immunity! I’m certain this decision (made by “originalists”!) is causing our founders to spin in their graves by allowing the president royal powers like evading accountability.

Never before in this country’s history has it been so important to carefully choose to whom we give the keys to the White House. They will have absolute and/or presumptive immunity for what they do in that office. (Irrelevant of their intent!)

If we put someone in that office who believes that the end justifies the means and who is unaccountable for their actions, we have installed a dictator. Our careful cooperation in making this decision is critical!

Walther is right to say that “Among the benefits of living in a country like this one — one of the few unambiguously good things, in fact — is that we are free to think anything or nothing about our leaders…”

However, he seems to forget that this freedom is based on the responsibility to care for and participate in our community.

If you follow Walther’s insane advice, it will lead to a future that is unstable, undemocratic, and unsafe.

Happy Birthday, America.